BAR: “1,500 Year Old Amulet References Eucharist”


From the article:

“A recently discovered 1,500-year-old papyrus fragment containing a protective Christian prayer is one of the earliest surviving texts of its kind. Historian Roberta Mazza found the Christian amulet among the thousands of unpublished historical documents kept at the University of Manchester’s John Rylands Research Institute. The early Christian prayer, written in Greek, references the Eucharist—a Christian ritual commemorating Jesus’ Last Supper—and “manna of the new covenant.””

“Fear you all who rule over the earth.
Know you nations and peoples that Christ is our God.
For he spoke and they came to being, he commanded and they were created; he put everything under our feet and delivered us from the wish of our enemies.
Our God prepared a sacred table in the desert for the people and gave manna of the new covenant to eat, the Lord’s immortal body and the blood of Christ poured for us in remission of sins.”

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