The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Masoretic Text, and the Septuagint

A recent article in the Biblical Archaeology Society on the relationship of the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS, the earliest extant Hebrew version of the Bible) to the Masoretic Text (MT, ca. 10th century Hebrew version of the Bible that provides the basis for the modern Jewish Scripture and Protestant Old Testament) and the Septuagint (LXX, an early Greek translation of the Hebrew Scripture, traditionally dated to the 4th c. BC).   Generally, in places where there is a variance between the MT and LXX, the DSS agree with the LXX.

Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls actually have more in common with the Greek Septuagint than the traditional Hebrew Masoretic Text, showing that the Greek translators must have been translating from Hebrew texts that resembled the Dead Sea Scrolls.



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